Still carrying out Repairs

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If you are having trouble with your boiler then this is considered an essential job so please do give us a call or email.

However, while the country is in effective lockdown we are sad to say will be delaying all non essential work such as servicing and other jobs that can wait until this crisis is over.  

This is inline with the official government guidelines to only carry out essential work and to encourage us all to stay at home. Essential work includes boiler repairs, gas and water-leaks and or any gas appliance that you feel is unsafe. 

Any other work we are asking to reschedule and we hope you understand this is to keep us all safe.

Please note that SGN is also continuing their emergency service so if you smell gas and are all worried you can also phone them on 0800 111 999. 

What to do if you need a boiler repair
If you have a problem with your boiler the best way to contact us is by phoning 0131 553 2599. Our office is not open but the phone line is as we have diverted all calls, please leave a message if we don’t answer and we will get back to you. 

Precautionary Measures Whilst carrying out repairs we will adhere to the strict hygiene procedures that we put place in last week but we have added wearing a mask just to add that extra layer of protection for both ourselves and our customers. 

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