Spring / Summer offer – Services reduced to £60 until end June

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All services until the end June – £60 + VAT* (usually £75) so call now to book or email domestic-gas@hotmail.co.uk

Why should you get your boiler serviced?

Extend its life and ensure your warranty is valid – Gas appliance manufacturers usually require annual checks to keep guarantees validated this is because they know regular maintenance extends your boilers life.
Fix those minor niggles before they before they escalate – catch those minor issues before they become major and costly.
Reduce your fuel bills – Getting burners, heat-exchangers and filters cleaned and having tweaks to gas pressures and CO/CO2 levels on a regular basis will help keep your boiler working as efficiently as possible.
Make sure it’s safe – Regular servicing will pick up on any potential life threatening situations by ensuring flues, ventilation and safety devices are all up to the correct standard and working normally. Landlords have to do this for their tenants every year by law.

*£60 + VAT for one appliance, extra appliances can be added at £15 + VAT per appliance.

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